Sunday, March 28, 2010

She's So Black and White!

The girls and I stopped by my grandmother's to visit this afternoon. She had some old photos of her out to show me and the girls. I showed Merritt one of the photographs of my grandmother when she was barely 20. She was standing outside with two young cousins of hers. As you can imagine, it was a black and white photo. As I showed it to Merritt I said, "Look how beautiful Ms. Jo is in this picture! She's so young and pretty!" As Merritt peered over the photo, her face quickly changed to shock and surprise as she exclaimed, "And she's so black and white!" We laughed and laughed while explaining that Ms. Jo was a grown woman before she got her colors! Later, when we left, Merritt told Ms. Jo, "I'm so glad that you are colorful now!"

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