Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Place Called Murrell's

When I began this blog at the beginning of the year, I wondered what my 100th post would be about. It's only fitting that it's a monumental occasion! When we moved to town 34 years ago, we were quickly introduced to a place called Murrell's. It's been in our community since 1947. Has seen several different owners but has always served the best cheeseburger and chocolate pie any Southern girl could love! I was saddened to hear last week that the doors would be closing.
Although Murrell's hasn't been a part of my life in many years, I have many fond memories of many occasions there. From Saturday morning breakfasts with my family to late night munchies with my sorority sisters.

Poppy couldn't imagine not passing along the "flavor" of Murrell's to the girls so we headed there on Tuesday for their first and all of our last tastes of Murrell's. I was a little nervous about our return visit. Not because of the questionable cleanliness of the place. I was afraid our final meal might not measure up to all the many fond memories I have of this legendary restaurant. Never fear, Murrell's did not disappoint!
Our experience quickly started off nostalgically as Poppy pointed out that the first time I ate at Murrell's I was Merritt's age and Aunt Amy was Morgan's age. If I wasn't already thinking about that cheeseburger, I might have cried. As a child, every Saturday morning we had breakfast at Murrell's. Every Sunday evening after night church, we had dinner at Murrell's. Amy and I always ate the same thing ~ cheeseburger (mayo only), french fries and a coke, Dr. Pepper for Amy. Our love affair with Murrell's ended abruptly the summer of my 13th birthday. I think Sunday evening worship services had ended and my dad at the age of 43 had a heart attack. It was chicken, turkey and tofu from then on in our household!
Murrell's came back into my life in high school and college but I haven't been back much in my adult life except on a few occasions when I got a taste for that special cheeseburger during a pregnancy or friends came back in town and wanted to go there.
So, how do you say goodbye to something you've known your whole life? I guess you just say, "Thanks, it's been nice knowin' ya!" Even though the place will be gone, the memories will always last!

Merritt rings the final dinner bell at Murrell's!

In line to pay the bill.

The final bill!