Thursday, July 16, 2009

Opossums Eat Shrimp!

On the way home from Vacation Bible school today, the discussion centered around what opossums eat. Merritt's group this week is the Orange Opossums and Morgan is in the Super Shrimp. The discussion between sisters centered around what the opossums diet consists of. Morgan soon brought me into the conversation. "Momma, what do opossums eat?" I went on to explain that they are probably like raccoons and are scavengers, eating whatever they can find in trashcans. Merritt quickly replied, "I can tell you what they eat.....Shrimp!" Morgan, being a member of the Super Shrimp VBS group, didn't find humor in this!

On a more serious note, at the conclusion of today's bible school which centered around "God gives us life", the children were given the opportunity to invite Jesus into their hearts. Sweet Morgan couldn't get down to the front fast enough! Afterwards, I asked her if anything special happened at bible school. She grinned and told me that she had asked Jesus to be her "forever friend!"

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  1. He will always be your forever friend, Morgan.