Friday, July 31, 2009

July Recap!

With July ending and August approaching, I must recap some of my highlights. Since July is my birthday month, I am partial to July 3rd and 4th. In recent years, I have celebrated my birthday and our country's birthday with participating in our local Firecracker 5K. It has especially become important to me as I try to set a healthy example for our girls. This year, I asked Scott to bring the girls to the end of the race to celebrate my accomplishment with me.He was sweet to surprise me with bringing them to a point in the race route. It was at a critical point where I was actually considering walking. Just as I thought about stopping, I looked up and saw the girls and Scott waving and cheering me on! What an inspiration!
Here I am about to cross the finish line! I actually shaved 3 minutes off my last year's time! I hope I can do the same next year!
Here's a shot of my best asset crossing the finish line! If only the rest of me could look so fit and toned!

Me and my #1 fans!

Later that night we shot some fireworks. Here's our "brave" Merritt anticipating the fireworks!

Morgan wanted to get the hose in case her parents set the world on fire! July was a great month for our family! We are anxiously awaiting what August holds for us!

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