Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blood, Sweat & Tears

This morning began grandly with my trip to the Y while the girls were with Mumsie and Poppa playing and having lunch at Chuck E. Cheese! (hence the sweat) The afternoon ended with blood and tears as Morgan picked at an angioma on her chin. Who knew one small spot could hold so much blood! The dermatologist recently told us she could remove it whenever Morgan was ready for her to, most likely her teen years. I think Morgan handled the procedure herself, today! Thank goodness GranMe was still here, visiting with me in the driveway! I don't think I could have handled it without her! Merritt was a big helper to her sister as she came to the driveway and said she needed me. I told her I would be right there. She said, "But, we need you now!" That's when Morgan appeared in all her glory! Thanks for being on blood patrol for me, GranMe! All is calm tonight. Morgan still has a small red spot on her chin but she reports that now she can't feel it! I think she's learned her lesson! No picking!

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  1. There was more blood than sweat and tears. Never saw so much blood come out of one little place.