Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Happy Together

Morgan turned to me today and said, "You know, Max sure has become part of our family!" Yes, he has, I thought as I wiped the allergy induced tear from my eye! What fun we have already had with him and what hopes we have of many more fun times! Later in the day, Merritt asked, "Why did we get Max?" I quickly replied, "Because you and Morgan have always wanted a dog!" "Oh yeah!" she said. What I wanted to say was deeper than that. But I think they already know the answer! Because your mother loves you so much that she happily takes her allergy medicine now and readily has eye drops or inhaler on hand so you can make all your colored pictures come to life. All those doodles of sweet girls walking a dog or playing frisbee are now our reality! All the "if I had $50 dollars, I would buy a dog" stories are now your reality! And for the record, I rock Max to sleep each night just like I did both my girls. He has found a special spot in my heart! Maybe my allergies are worse or maybe the pollen count is high! Who knows for sure! All I know is, yes, Max has become a part of our family!

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