Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Could I Ever Forget You?

Over the last 2 weeks, our household has seen a major change....Momma has gone back to work!  It all happened quickly after I saw a job posting at the Elementary school where I have been substitute teaching.  I am now a child specific aide working with a kindergartner!  Great fun but great changes!

During dinner the night before my first day, Merritt seriously asked me, "Momma, will you remember me tomorrow!"  As my heart began to break, I quickly reassured her that of course I would remember her!  Merritt quickly replied, "What about next week, will you remember me then?" Still quick to answer I said, "Merritt, of course, I will remember you next week!"  Still experiencing a breaking heart, I wondered how in the world can I get out of this job commitment!  Merritt then asked, "What about next month, will you remember me then?"  Determined we were headed to therapy, I replied, "Yes, yes, I will remember you next month!"  She quickly replied, "Well, what about next year?"  "Merritt, I will remember you as long as I am on this earth!" I replied as my heart completely broke, wishing Scott were home to pick up the pieces!

Merritt then said, "Knock, knock!"  Glad we were on to a new subject I happily replied, "Who's there!"  With a devilish grin on her face, Merritt replied, "See, you already forgot me!"

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