Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey Momma, We're Stuck!

One of our days at the beach was spent at a mini-amusement park where we drove go-carts, bumper boats and the girls rode on a few rides. Realizing I was missing some great picture opportunities, I headed back to the car to get my camera while Scott got in line for the Ferris wheel with the girls. On my return, I quickly started taking pictures, seizing the opportunity of the Ferris wheel being at a stand still.

As I'm taking this picture, Merritt says, "Hey Momma, we're stuck!" I kept taking pictures trying to get Morgan to look at the camera and smile. She said, "Mom, we're really stuck!" Noticing all the park employees surrounding the ride, I quickly found Scott. Yes, they really were stuck. The new ride operator loaded three baskets in a row, not distributing the weight. Scott said they got around a few times and then it just stopped.

The girls handled it very well. It helped that they were in the bottom car and not the one dangling in the air. It helped me that it was a kiddie Ferris wheel and even if they were at the top, I felt confident I could scale the Ferris wheel to their rescue if I had to! Actually, I would have sent Scott!

The great rescue!

What a brave little girl!

Big sister let little sister be saved first!

The children in the green basket were the highest up. The park employees got a ladder and handed them down to their parents. Everyone stayed very calm and the girls got a free ride on the ride of their choice. They played it safe and chose the carousel!

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