Monday, August 17, 2009

Go Speed Racer!

Before the great Ferris Wheel incident of 2009, the girls did a little go-kart racing. Morgan was old enough to drive the kiddie karts by herself. She was pretty excited and really good. Made me less apprehensive about her turning 16! Well, not really!

She got comfortable in the driver's seat very quickly!

Look how she hugs the inside lane! Definitely the winner in this race!

Parking was a snap! I think the ride attendant was rather impressed!

We all rode the big track together. Momma and Morgan versus Daddy and Merritt. Daddy and Merritt were clearly given better equipment than the all-girl team. Morgan and I had a great time even in the smoke that Daddy and Merritt left behind!
When Merritt wasn't tall enough to drive the karts that Morgan could, Daddy took her for one last spin around the big track. The vote is still out on who had more fun!

Go-kart racing is serious business!

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