Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Unexpected Moments of Motherhood

The life of a Mother is filled with so many different kinds of moments.....happy, sad, proud, nervous, anxious, frustrated, joyful, tiring....and the list goes on. It's the unexpected ones that I find so much joy in. They grab my heart and bring overflowing joy to my eyes as they settle in my throat like a big lump. I had one of those moments yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't revel in my tears and soak up the moment completely because I was driving the car! A quick wipe of the eyes and a hard swallow ended the moment, but it will live on in my heart always! Thanks, Merritt, for the unexpected early Mother's day gift! So what happened, you ask? We were headed to the dermatologist to clear up eczema and have a never too early check of freckles and moles. (With melanoma in the family, a Mother can never be too careful!) Out of the blue, a quiet, sweet voice said, "Momma, I sure did miss you!" "Oh, Merritt, I sure did miss you, too!" I said. She went on to say, "I missed you every night for 5 nights!" And then quietly all most in a whisper she said, "And 5 nights is a really long time!" In those nervous, anxious, frustrated and tiring moments, I hope this unexpected moment comes to the surface and allows me to revel in it again!

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