Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbye Florida Keys, Hello Car Keys

I returned this afternoon from a 5 day stay in the Florida Keys after traveling with my grandmother to visit her daughters. It was a fun mother/daughter reunion that I am appreciative of joining! We had a nice and relaxing time, visiting, eating, reading and of course, shopping! I am very fortunate to have a husband who can keep the girls' lives on schedule without missing a beat! I'm pretty sure they missed me though!

Thanks to Aunt Jane and Uncle Rick for being their usual super-hosting selves! I always have so much fun in your company! Next time I come it will be with Scott and the girls! Maybe Merritt can have her chance at flying!

So tonight, I bid adieu to the Florida Keys and pick up my car keys as I begin my carpooling duties again! I'd tell you about the Rum Runners but remember, "What happens in the Keys, stays in the Keys!"


  1. We love visiting Jane and Rick, too! It is a special place.

  2. Thank your family for sharing you! I loved spending time with you...next time bring everyone. A Jane