Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday List

We will be celebrating Merritt's 4th birthday in less than a month. Family and friends have begun asking what she might like for her birthday. She decided to make a list today (see above). She was consistent with most of her wishes: baby dolls, books, DVDs, etc but included some interesting quite creative suggestions as well. Notice the middle of the page, the triangular shape ~ that's a tee pee, preferably life-size. It would be perfect she said to play in, read books and take naps! Okay, Merritt, I'll buy one for every room in the house if it comes with a "2-hour a day nap" guarantee! She would also like a TV and a DVD player for her room. Maybe if I get a new flat screen for my room, you can have my old one! My very favorite suggestion is the bottom right hand corner ~ the square shape with many triangles in it. That's a jar of chocolates (Hershey kisses to be exact) and she specified that they are to be kept in her room! That's my girl!

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  1. That girl needs a teepee!