Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost Valentine

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you are spinning your wheels? Nothing being accomplished on the "to-do-list?" Hopelessly wondering if you are making a difference, being the mom or person you need to be? Well, today was one of those days for me! Until I found this guy, an elephant Merritt made at Parent's Night Out at church the other night. Sunday at church, the children's director asked me if I had seen the elephant as she was beaming from ear to ear. "Oh, yes! So cute!" Well, I had seen it, but not really! When I found it today, I remembered her smiling face and wondered what did she see so special in it that I hadn't?

His precious ears held a precious message to me and Scott from Merritt and quickly answered my question! Yes, I am serving a purpose and making a difference! Even if the laundry isn't all folded and the kitchen counters are piled to the sky with school papers! She won't remember all the laundry I did, meals I cooked or dishes I did. Those aren't the reasons she wrote "I Love Mom" and "I Love Dad" on those precious elephant ears! Thank you sweet Merritt and thank you sweet elephant for letting me find you today!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowzilla 2011 Versus The Flu

I can't believe that until last year, our last snow was 10 years ago and now the girls have enjoyed it twice! How great is that?!?! If you ask the girls, "Great!" they would say!

Despite strep throat last week and currently the flu, we bundled up and spent a short
time in the beautiful snow having snowball fights,

making Snow Angels,

and smiling a lot! Thanks Snowzilla 2011, you beat the flu better than Tamiflu!

Mom with her Snow Angels

And Dad with his!

What better time to introduce the outdoors than after it snows! Max loves being outside but not sure about the snow! He walked around on just his front two paws for as long as he could!

The Commish

Scott was recently appointed by the Governor to the Civil Service Commission representing our area of the state. Prior to reporting for duty, a friend and district judge administered the oath of office. Two special Bible carriers were present! Wow, their resumes sure are growing! Way to go Scott, Mr. Commish!

Oceans of Fun!

Morgan's third grade play was Go Fish! She and several of her friends were "clown" fish! They all did a great job with the singing, dancing and delivery of lines. It was not only fun, but delivered a wonderful message. The play centered around a tiger shark who wanted to be friends with everyone. All the other ocean creatures were afraid of him because she was a shark. Through the lines and songs, they learned that everyone can be friends despite their differences. In this day of bullying, it was a wonderful lesson for us all!

Literary Ball

Each year the kindergarten classes participate in a Literary Ball. Each child is presented as a character from a story. Merritt chose to be The Gingerbread Girl from the recent classic, The Gingerbread Girl! Her partner, Wyatt was Hubie from the series The Black Lagoon. After their formal presentation, they danced a waltz and then had a literary snack of Very Hungry Caterpillar Fruit Kabobs, Rainbow Fish, Swords in the Stone and Peter Pan's Never Land Punch. It was a fun event and thanks to strep throat, Morgan was able to attend!