Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowzilla 2011 Versus The Flu

I can't believe that until last year, our last snow was 10 years ago and now the girls have enjoyed it twice! How great is that?!?! If you ask the girls, "Great!" they would say!

Despite strep throat last week and currently the flu, we bundled up and spent a short
time in the beautiful snow having snowball fights,

making Snow Angels,

and smiling a lot! Thanks Snowzilla 2011, you beat the flu better than Tamiflu!

Mom with her Snow Angels

And Dad with his!

What better time to introduce the outdoors than after it snows! Max loves being outside but not sure about the snow! He walked around on just his front two paws for as long as he could!

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  1. so glad you are the way you share your family with us and love the way you do it!!! A Jane