Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Revel Time!

Merritt's class went on their annual trip to the Red River Revel Arts Festival. Mrs. Bryan luckily scheduled it between rain storms and we were able to get the trip in! Despite the humidity, fun was had by all!

The grocery store tent sported new shopping carts this year! Perfect replicas of momma's cart! The children were really excited! Merritt stuck to her list, never deviating, unlike her momma!

After much fun, music, story-telling, icees, sand art and face painting, we headed back to school!

Thanks to Mumsie, Poppa and Poppy for joining the fun! A return trip was enjoyed by Morgan, Merritt and Mumsie and Poppa. Momma fit a turkey leg shift in supporting Morgan's school but due to the rainy weather not as much revelling was done this year! See you in October, Revel!

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