Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Tex and Mary Poppins

Saturday we headed to the Texas State Fair via DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit). I felt like we were headed to Broadway via the New York Subway! The girls had a good time on the train even though we had to stand due to the number of passengers!

Big Tex, so good to see you again! It's been too long! We took the girls to the Texas State Fair this weekend mainly to see Mary Poppins. What a thrill it was for me to introduce the girls to Big Tex! I think they were impressed!

After meeting Big Tex, the next stop was the Midway! We told the girls they could pick out a few rides and I was amazed at their choices! Their first choice was a dragon roller coaster that I was lucky enough to "have" to ride with Merritt because she wasn't tall enough to ride alone!

The next stop was "The Tower of Terror!" Just kidding! I'm sure it had a happier, friendlier name but to a momma of two sweet girls it looked like "The Tower of Terror!"

Look how high it went! Higher than the gondola ride! I was a nervous wreck!

What a relief to see two smiles! I knew Morgan would love it but not so sure about Merritt!

Next stop, looking at the museums on the fair ground site! The girls were happy to see this woolly mammoth! Reminded them of Manny from Ice Age.

Our final destination was Mary Poppins! I'm not sure who had the most fun, the adults or the girls! It was an incredible show; full of magic! It's like Cats, I could see it again and again!


  1. We have fun with whatever we do; whether it is hanging spoons from one's nose or going to the theatre

  2. You could see Cats again and again? You left me with a distinctly different impression the first (and only) time we saw that musical :-) But glad to hear that you loved Mary Poppins, and hooray to you for exposing the girls to a tradition that we so loved when we were growing up and headed to Dallas every summer for our theater trip!

  3. Do you remember the times we rode to Dallas in the window of the back of the bus? Crazy! But fun! So I was borrowing from popular dialogue saying it was like Cats, I could see it again and again! I wouldn't really see Cats again and again, that would be my husband!