Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Introducing Maximus Elmore

And so our family grows.... Coming home tomorrow is Maximus Elmore, "Max." Morgan has wanted a puppy for as long as she has known how to say the word and Merritt followed right along! With my allergies, I have resisted but this Christmas, a big gift was under the tree! We are all very excited and nervous! I feel like I am about to be a new mother again and from what I hear I'm not far off the mark! Sleepless nights and pitiful cries are in our future, I hear! The things we do for our children!

On the 50th day of kindergarten, Merritt wrote, "If I had $50 I would buy a dog!" Looking back through Morgan's kindergarten papers, she wrote the same thing! Well, add a 0 to that $50 and voila, a dream is coming true! Stay tuned and pray!


  1. Max is really too cure. Jacob and I now include him in our prayers each night, since he is our newest family member. Jacob requests more pictures as soon as possible!

  2. I meant he was too cute.

  3. We now have three grandchildren and a grandpuppy. As Morgan says, "He is adorable."