Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Horse With No Name Has A New Home

This horse has been outside my grandmother's home for as long as I can remember and longer! He was always the first one to greet us and the last one to say goodbye every summer. He might have even been there when my dad was a little boy! When my grandmother passed away, my aunt asked me if there was anything I would like from her house. As we said our goodbyes on my grandmother's driveway, I looked over at the familiar horse and said, "I would love to have the horse!"
Aunt Donna said, "Well, take him now!" We went to work digging him up! I was so proud to bring him home. I'm embarrassed to admit that he's sat in my garage for two years. He's been a steady friend, greeting us each evening and telling us goodbye each morning but I'm proud to report that he now does it with more height and strength. He's found a spot in our flowerbed by our kitchen door which is the door that all our friends and loved ones enter. How proud I am that the horse that greeted my grandparents' friends and loved ones now greets mine! So, special horse, you might not have a name but you definitely have a home and many, many memories! Welcome Home!


  1. I think you have finally found a wonderful keepsake of granddad's to call your own. Congratulations on making new memories with the horse with your own family. :-) Amy

  2. Let's give him a name.