Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Happened On 9/11, Anyway?

Morgan has become interested in the news. What started as a little girl wanting to see her daddy on TV, has turned into a great interest in what is going on in her world! This summer, she curled up next to me many nights to watch the 10 o'clock news. I quickly realized I always need to have the remote in hand in order to censor what was being broadcast!

So, last night I got the question, "What happened on 9/11, anyway?" My first instinct was to blurt out the fears and questions that we all felt that day. Instead, I kept to the facts. No other questions arose. I think she's digesting it all and more questions will come! Please note, I gave the kid-friendly version, if there is one!

Since her question last night, I have thought back to 9 years ago, like I am sure we all have. The anger, the fear, wishing for the times prior to that awful attack. This year, I'm looking at it completely different. Granted, I wish those events never occurred! But today, I am not missing life before that day, I am missing the America we became after that day! The unity, the compassion for one another. It was a true time in my life where I felt brotherhood! I am still proud to be an American and prouder every day but searching for some unity!